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London Hospitality Forum

25th - 26th September at Millennium Gloucester Hotel Kensington: London

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As a Buyer delegate, your place at the forum is provided on a complimentary basis. This includes your accommodation on the main forum evening, all forum function meals and beverages, all forum function refreshments, your business schedule for the 2 days of the forum including your Supplier appointments and networking and social sessions.

You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to the forum/venue and DP Events Management Ltd will not be responsible for the costs of your travel to or from the forum/venue.

If any Buyer wants to upgrade their room at the hotel, order anything via room service, the mini bar, the spa or any other service or extra that is outside of the standard DP Events Buyer delegate package, then these costs must be settled/paid directly by the Buyer delegate with the venue/service provider. As a Buyer delegate, you must arrive at the forum venue at the time DP Events states in their literature.

You must attend all business, networking and social sessions for the full duration of the forum. You must not cancel or change any appointments DP Events have arranged for you.

All Buyer delegates will be provided with a business schedule that will run for the complete duration of the format and this includes a series of Supplier appointments, networking sessions and social functions.

All Buyer delegates will be located at their own meeting desk located in the main business section of the forum. All Buyer/Supplier meetings/appointments will be held at the Buyer’s meeting desk. Buyer delegate appointment schedules are made up as follows:-

Around 1 week from the forum date, a list of the attending Suppliers will be sent to each Buyer. A list of all attending Buyers will be sent to all Suppliers. Buyers are asked to select which Suppliers they would like to meet with and confirm their list to us in numerical order, with 1 being the highest priority. Suppliers are asked to complete the same exercise and from these requests, DP Events arrange and confirm the appointment schedules for each delegate. These schedules are confirmed to each delegate before the forum date

At the forum all delegates strictly work to their listed business schedule.

If 2 Buyer delegates attend from the same company, there will be 2 separate business schedules arranged unless agreed differently with DP Events.

DP Events will not accept any responsibility for loss of time or money or inconvenience caused as a result of the event being cancelled due to reasons beyond the company’s control. If the date is changed by DP Events, the Buyer will be asked to re-confirm their attendance at the new date.

The company will not be held responsible for any injury or accident sustained by any delegate during the period of the event. In particular any participation by a delegate in any sporting activities or pursuits is done at the total wish & risk of the delegate.

DP Events will not be held responsible for health or wellbeing of any delegate who attend their forums.

The company will not be held responsible for any damage caused to or loss of any items or property during the period of the forum. Any such damage must be dealt with by the delegate and the other party involved.

The company will not be held responsible for any incidents that may arise as a result of consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol.

DP Events will not be held responsible for the loss of any time (social or business) or any costs incurred by the Buyer/The Buyer’s company during the forum.

Once a Buyer delegate has confirmed their attendance at the forum, no cancellation without penalty is allowed within 8 weeks of the forum date. A Buyer may substitute their place with another colleague who holds suitable purchasing authority within the company.

Should a cancellation be made within 8 weeks of the event date and no replacement delegate is confirmed, the following penalties will apply:

  1. Between 8 weeks and 4 weeks of the event date the sum of £500.00 will be paid to DP Events Management Ltd by the way of a cancellation fee unless they substitute their attendance with a colleague of an equivalent level from their organisation who has purchasing authority.
  2. Within 4 weeks of the event date, the sum of £1000.00 will be paid to DP Events Management Ltd by way of a cancellation fee unless they substitute their attendance with a colleague of an equivalent level from their organisation who has purchasing authority.

The cancellation costs shown are pre-estimates of the losses we will suffer when a delegate cancels and no substitute replacement delegate is offered. This includes hotel costs, conference costs, print & administration costs, plus the cost involved of us securing a replacement delegate from another company.

Our cancellation policy and the penalty fees stated will not be affected by any circumstances of cancellation including where health, personal reasons or business arrangements may be involved, the delegate’s company must send a suitable delegate to replace the delegate that cannot attend or must be bound by the terms of this document.

Any delegate failing to arrive on time for the pre-booked meetings will be liable to make extra time available during the event to meet with the companies they were scheduled to see or a £250 penalty may be charged per half day.

The company accepts no responsibility for interruption, cancellation and/or curtailment of travel arrangements.

If the event is cancelled by the company, the company accepts no liability for any consequential loss to the delegate or the delegate’s employer.

DP Events will not accept any excuse for cancellation of a delegate. This includes illness, death, other business arrangements, transport/travel delays or any other reason. The company the Buyer is representing must either send a replacement delegate or pay the cancellation fee. The person(s) who completes this booking form regardless of their position/job role within their company will be committing to the attendance of their company to the event.

Unless we have been paid in full or we have made a special agreement in writing, no guests will be allowed to join the delegate at the forum. Any guests will be charged the full hotel rates/costs and billed directly by the hotel for immediate payment.

Any delegate with special dietary requirements must make DP Events Management aware of this at the time of booking. This includes providing us with a detailed brief of your specific allergies. Whilst DP events Management Ltd and the venue can do all they can to accommodate requests, there will be surcharges incurred and these will be discussed and charged to the delegate. DP Events Management Ltd will not accept any responsibility for any incident that may arise (including medical conditions) at the forum.

Buyer delegates must provide DP Events with a profile summary of their business/company and its purchasing activities. This will form a company profile page that is printed in our forum literature and booklet. We will ask you to confirm to us your text. If we do not receive your text within the time scales we request, we reserve the right to write a profile on your behalf. If this is the case, we will not be held responsible for any mis-interpretation, spelling or grammar error that may occur.

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The important thing is that we were able to meet in a relaxed atmosphere away from the office… The organisation behind the scenes was evident in the smooth running of the meetings and social events.

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